Maple Story Original Soundtrack

This is my compiled soundtrack for Maple Story. It has been created through lots of patience and pseudo-hard work. Although I no longer actively maintain the project by ripping newer musics from Maple Story’s sound files, I do host what I’ve already compiled and have no plans to ever stop providing this soundtrack.

I used to ask people to donate characters in order to reach high level areas to “record” tracks from the game using line-in recording software and my own audio processor, but that was a day long past. I have succeeded in simply extracting the MP3 files directly from sound.wz (main Maple Story sound file), which is essentially a ZIP archive with a different file extension. Not only was I surprised to find that all of their MP3 files were recorded in 80 and 24 kbps, but slightly alarmed that there were… 3738 of them! (Nowadays they have changed their sound file organization - there’s only 1766 of them - and even increased the bit rate of their newer musics to 128 and 192 kbps.)

Of course, only 108 of them to date are viable music tracks. One of them was a repeat, so on the patch of Korean Maple Story used to create this soundtrack there are 107 music tracks. This includes tracks that have not yet been placed in-game! Some will probably never be put in the game, so you have the treat of hearing those little tidbits that nobody else will ever hear (unless they download this soundtrack, of course).

There are currently 3 “unidentified” tracks. Although they’ve been long-since identified, I’m no longer updating the soundtrack to accommodate.

Questions, comments, and all general feedback on the soundtrack can be sent to me at blog [at] Happy listening!

Disc 1: Memories of Victoria

  1. A Nexon Welcome
  2. A Wizet Welcome
  3. Welcome to Maple Story
  4. Mushroom Town Training Camp
  5. Lith Harbor
  6. Florina Beach
  7. Losing Coconut Harvest
  8. Winning Coconut Harvest
  9. Ola! Ola!
  10. Ola! Ola! (Hurry!)
  11. Congratulatory Song
  12. West of Henesys
  13. West of Henesys (Quick Remix)
  14. Henesys
  15. Henesys Market
  16. Winning a Minigame
  17. Losing a Minigame
  18. Winning Omok
  19. East of Henesys
  20. To Ellinia
  21. Tree Dungeon
  22. Ellinia
  23. A White Christmas
  24. HappyVille Circa 2007
  25. Riprey
  26. Dragon Canyon
  27. Cave of Life
  28. Horn Tail
  29. The Cemetery
  30. Perion
  31. Perion Castle
  32. Coke Town
  33. Shanghai
  34. Shanghai Farm
  35. Deep Valley
  36. To Kerning City
  37. Kerning City
  38. Kerning City Internet Cafe
  39. Jipang
  40. Showa Street
  41. Showa Town
  42. Showa Spa
  43. Flaming Racoon
  44. Subway
  45. Swamp of Despair
  46. Sleepywood
  47. Ant Tunnel
  48. Sanctuary
  49. Door to Sharenian Castle
  50. Waterway Maze
  51. Hall of the Knight
  52. Ergoth’s Throne

Disc 2: Memories of Ossyria

  1. On the Ship
  2. Crimson Balrog Appears
  3. Orbis
  4. Orbis Tower
  5. Snowy Hill
  6. El Nath
  7. Wolf Territory
  8. Dead Mine
  9. The Cave of Trial
  10. Adobis’s Mission
  11. Zakum’s Altar
  12. Zakum
  13. Cash Shop
  14. On a Voyage
  15. Ludibrium
  16. Eos Tower
  17. Outside Eos Tower
  18. Abandoned Tower
  19. Darkness in the Tower
  20. A Crack on the Wall
  21. The Goddess’s Tower
  22. Papa Pixie
  23. Toy Factory
  24. The Clocktower
  25. Warped Path of Time
  26. Warped Path of Time (Remix)
  27. Warped Passage - The Gatekeeper
  28. Forgotten Path of Time
  29. Forgotten Path of Time (Remix)
  30. Forgotten Passage - Thanatos
  31. Origin of Clocktower
  32. Omega Sector
  33. Omega Sector Silo
  34. Boswell Field
  35. Kulan Field
  36. Aqua Road: West Sea
  37. Aquarium
  38. Aqua Road: East Sea
  39. Aqua Dungeon
  40. The Dangerous Cave
  41. Korean Folk Town
  42. Entrance to Black Mountain
  43. Leafre
  44. Minar Forest
  45. Entrance to Dragon Nest
  46. Mu Lung
  47. Sky Forest
  48. Herb Town
  49. Red Nosed Pirate’s Den
  50. Thailand Floating Market
  51. Outside Thailand Floating Market
  52. Wolf Spider Cavern

Disc 3: Memories of the Unknown

These tracks were once unidentified. Although their identities are now widely known, I’ve ceased updating the soundtrack to accommodate. However, you can still enjoy the tracks below!

  1. ((????)) UNKNOWN GUITAR
  2. ((????)) UNKNOWN KEAGGY

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